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I didn't understand ghosts and spirits..
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From::kl, Malaysia
dulu negaraku terjajah.. kini negaraku merdeka.. mungkin esok negaraku tergadai jika aku dan seluruh rakyatnya tidak menjaga negaraku..
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

citer dari 13may

""belakang umah aku kat kg ada bendang, kat bendang tu ada kubu peninggalan zaman perang jepun dulu...
satu mlm semasa aku tido, tetiba aku terjaga...
sebab dengar bunyi tapak kasut tengah dok kawad kat sebelah umah aku...
berderap derap bunyi depa dok jalan...
depa berjalan menuju belakang umah aku tu la...
makin lama makin sayup...
pagi besok, aku tanya kakak & abg ipar aku...
depa kata ada dgr org mcm berkawad...
tapi abg aku intai tak nampak apa2 pun....
peh! seram....

ps: ada lagi kisah yg misteri berlaku kat kawasan umah aku tuh...
nanti2 la aku cerita....
antaranya ada 'benda' dok terbang dan hinggap atas bumbung umah aku, umah jiran aku..
dia dok pusing2...
sekali dia landing, ada bunyi mcm org tabur pasir....
aku dok balik umah lewat...
3-4 pagi camtu...
bila nak tido...
aku dgr la benda2 camni...
last2 aku tak jadik tido... ""



Friday, November 24, 2006

Japanese Ghosts and Spirits

is a harmless sea ghost with bright red hair who likes to drink and attend parties.

Umi Bozu
is a huge sea ghost that haunts sailors. The Umi Bozu is bald with enormous terrifying eyes.

is a poltergeist type of spirit that lives in inanimate objects. It is the belief that all things have their own unique spirit whether it is animate or inanimate. These spirits like to scare and kill people. They can be found in and around temples, shrines, and graveyards. Priests can drive them away by reciting Buddhist sutras.

is a haunted lantern. The lantern is believed to have eyes and a long tongue that protrudes from its mouth. It serves as a home for the ghosts of people who are earth bound because they died with hatred in their hearts. Once the lantern is lit, the ghost will jump from the inside of the lantern and attack the person(s) responsible for lighting the lantern.

is the ghost of fear. It lives in the forests and graveyards. It takes the form of a shaking old man or woman and sometime only has one eye. It will attach itself to the back of its victim sending a chill up and down the spine. The selected victim then dies of fright.

Demon Queller
is a fierce demigod hero dedicated to saving other from demons. It is large, bearded and wields an enormous sword. It was adopted by the Japanese in the 12th Century and was known as the Shoki. It was originally a Chinese spirit from the 8th Century of the T’ang dynasty.

is a ghost ship that travels silently in the night or in a thick fog. It will appear suddenly catching ships off guard. If a shop meets a funayuhrei it will turn violently in circles before sinking. Then it too will become a funayuhrei left to roam the seas in search of other poor unfortunate ships.

is a giant sized mermaid who snatches sailors and others who fall into the water. The victims are tortured and eaten alive.Gashadokuro is a ghost of people who have starved to death. It appears as a skeleton 15 times taller than a regular person and is made up of the bones of the starved dead. After midnight it will announce its present with a ringing noise that people hear in their ears. If you do not flee quickly enough it will bite off your head.

is a spirit born from evil thoughts and feelings that are harbored by a person. It is energized by hatred and becomes powerful enough to leave its source and assume the object of the person’s hatred. Once it is inside, it will kill its victim by draining the energy slowly. It is difficult to exercise but it can be done by reciting Buddhist sutras.

is the spirit of a baby that was left to die in the woods. It means “the crying old baby” in Japanese. Once an unsuspecting person picks the baby up, it can not be dropped or let go. It will continue to grow heavy until it crushes the person holding it.

is a head eating ghost that lives in graveyards and as is seen late at night searching for its head. It feasts on the heads of the living and the dead alike. One can smell the creature before it is seen because it smells of fresh blood.

The nurikabe
is wall ghost that appears as a large white wall in front of anyone who is out late at night walking. If you try to pass around the wall it will fall on you crushing you. If you try to turn around and run from it, it will continue to appear in front of you blocking your path. It can be defeated only by taking a stick and whacking the bottom of the wall.

The tsukumogami
is a poltergeist ghost that inhabits tools. The name means old tools. This ghost will inhabit old tools and perform chores and repair work by themselves at night. If the tools are mistreated, abused, neglected or discarded the tsukumogami will take revenge by attacking the human perpetrators as they sleep at night.

is similar to the tools but means “old broom” and inhabits old brooms. They, like their counterpart will perform chores of cleaning up and dusting while everyone sleeps.



Monday, November 20, 2006

Think It

emmm.... wanna know about this pictures? click here.. Subhanallah..



What are Ghost Lights

Usually in the shape of balls, ghost lights (also called spook lights or earth lights), are patches of light that appear randomly or in patterns at particular sites. They vary in size and may be active for short periods of time or for years.
Most are white or yellow, but some have been reported as red, orange or green. They may change colors while being observed. Some reports of ghost lights can be explained naturally, for example car headlights or ionized gas escaping from faults in the earth.

They are usually seen in remote areas

They can only been seen from certain angles and distances

Loud noises or bright lights may cause them to disappear

Sometimes they are accompanied by a humming sound

They are associated with hauntings involving accidents or tragedies involving loss of life



Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hantu langsuir
is a small ghost with only a head and tail. This spirit seeks blood and is constantly on the look out for fresh blood.

is a dead baby who has been revived by a demonic ritual in which it will serve whom ever revises it. It is small; green skinned and has red eyes. It suckles on small amounts of blood and if you’re not careful, it will suck on your big toe as you sleep!

Hantu Pisang
is a beautiful ghost that is formed when the heart of a banana bud is pierced with a nail that is attached to a thread.

Hantu Penanggalan
is also closely similar to the Hantu Pisang only it has trailing intestines!



Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ghost Pictures

ghost? emmm...



Friday, November 03, 2006

potential to see a spirit

Everyone has the potential to see a spirit. Maybe that will happen once just briefly or it could happen many times, but the thing to remember is that everyone can see them given the right factors.

Why only some people will see a ghost in a certain location can be explained in many ways but let me put it in simple real world terms that most people will understand.

We call these people sensitives or psychics. They are able to tune in more often to the spirits and see, hear, feel, etc. the signal and energy the spirit is sending. Some locations may make some people more sensitive than other locations and they will see something in just those places while they will see nothing in others.

Some of the things that can make our ability to receive these signals are our relation to the spirits, how comfortable we are in a location and our frame of mind at the time, etc. For example many people just see the spirits in their home and no where else. This is where the person is probably the most relax and comfortable and that will raise their ability to receive the signals.

If the spirit is a relative or a friend you are already on that "frequency" so you will be more likely to be able to tune into that spirit.



Wednesday, November 01, 2006



"Vampirism was one of the most demonic outbreaks of mass hysteria ever to sweep the world. Its origins are rooted at the beginning of time and almost all of them are founded on superstition."

"The origins of the vampire myth lie in the mystery cults of oriental civilizations…..The Nepalese Lord of Death, The Tibetan Devil, and the Mongolian God of Time."


"There is evidence to suggest that the vampire emerged at one time and place, and then diffused around the world from that primal source."