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I didn't understand ghosts and spirits..
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From::kl, Malaysia
dulu negaraku terjajah.. kini negaraku merdeka.. mungkin esok negaraku tergadai jika aku dan seluruh rakyatnya tidak menjaga negaraku..
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Seed Of Darkness

Seed of Darkness weaves a spooky tale of the life of a single mother by choice who decides to undergo the "in-vitro fertilization process" in Singapore to have a child of her own. 7 years later, she moves into a new apartment and her child begins to behave oddly, much to the bafflement of her young mother. Her fear begins to mount when she finds her child frequently talking to herself and insist that she can see her non-existent father.



Tuesday, December 19, 2006


One of the malls in my town - the Metropolis - is a busy place. It's used as a boarding station for buses going to the city, plus the Bureau of Internal Revenue has an office there, so the place is always bustling during the daytime.

Nighttime however, is a different story. This is the only mall I know of in the country that has its cinemas' last showing at only 7:00pm at night, and the stores in the mall close at that time too, even during the holiday sale seasons.

Some years ago my brother and his friends went to Metropolis to watch Saving Private Ryan. They bought tickets for the last show of the evening (7pm) and stepped into the theater. They were surprised to see that the entire cinema was full, with people even sitting on the aisles. As they moved through the throng of people, they could tell that there was no hope of getting any seats, so they stepped out of the theater and back into the mall.

As they exited, the ticket lady looked at them in surprise and asked why they were leaving so soon. Upon explaining that the theater was full, the ticket lady paled and gestured to the bin where the tickets were placed, and it only held 5 tickets - my brother and his 4 friends!
Many people have experienced this type of thing, to the point that the mall's owners have changed the last showing from the normal 11pm to 7pm.

Recently, my friend and his college classmates were walking around that mall. He noticed that one of the girls in their group would often fidget, close her eyes, and mutter something incoherent. After a while, the girl grabbed my friend's arm and said "please, let's get out of here." When asked what was wrong, she responded, "I'll explain outside, please let's just go!" Already creeped out by the reputation of the mall, the group allowed themselves to be herded out by the distraught girl. Outside the mall, my friend asked for an explanation for making them leave so suddenly.

Apparently, this girl had a third eye and could see spirits. What she told them raised the hairs of everyone in the group! "There were spirits waving their hands in front of your eyes and talking... Peering into your faces to see if you could see them." And not only that! What she said next scared everybody there! "They did that to me too... Waving their hands and looking into my face... And they were taunting me saying 'you can see us, right? You can see us!'"

from: Philippines



Friday, December 15, 2006

ghost pic

"....... Semua bermula sejak bulan lepas. Masa aku tidoq, seperti ada 'benda' dok tidoq sebelah aku. Terjaga tengah malam, nampak bayang2 benda dok melilau dlm umah aku. Kat dapur la, kat balkoni, kat bilik dan kadang2 rasa dok macam kat sebelah aku.
Satu malam, aku terjaga dari tidoq..lebih kurang pukul 3 pagi. Aku nampak satu 'benda' dok tidoq atas lantai betoi2 bawah punching bag aku. Aku terus bangun..aku pi tengok dekat2...peh...sapa plak ni??? aku tertanya2...terus aku terajang dan 'benda' tu tiba2 hilang begitu saja. Macam kita tendang asap...ghaib mcm tu saja. Aku buka lampu dan terus tak tidoq sampai pagi.
Malam besoknya, aku bermimpi jumpa 'benda' tu...dlm mimpi tu aku tanya dia, kenapa datang jumpa aku...'benda' tu cakap, dia cuma nak balik tengok umah dia. Dan dulu selalu dia tidoq kat tempat bawah punching bag aku tuh...aku suruh dia berambus!!Aku balik kampung, jumpa abg aku...cerita kat dia.
Dia cakap mungkin 'benda' tu balik sempena genap setahun kematian dia....Mcm tu lah cerita dia. So, aku pun nak pindah....tak tahan dah ngan gangguan misteri nusantara camni. Sekarang tiap2 mlm aku mesti terjaga around pukul 3 pagi...aku bangun...perati apa yg patut. Pastu aku sambung tidoq.... " "13may"



Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ghosts are the supposed apparitions of the dead.

A ghost is often thought to be the spirit or soul of a person who has remained on Earth after death.

Every culture in the world carries stories about ghosts, but its beliefs vary substantially across time and place, with disagreements both as to what ghosts are and whether such things exist in reality.

(Encyclopaedia Wikipedia)

"Many people become very frightened when they see a ghost but there is in reality no cause for alarm. The real people, their spirit selves, have moved on long ago into the worlds of the afterlife.."



Monday, December 11, 2006




Thursday, December 07, 2006




Saturday, December 02, 2006

believe it?